Prison of the mind.


Was reading when the the sun was setting and I saw my shadow on the wall. It brought back something I was talking about the other day. How we become prisoners of fear within our own minds. How we sometimes restrict ourselves in the process of picture taking. The fear of showing or displaying them, fear of what others think. The fear of asking permission when you would like to photograph someone or to enter somewhere. Even people watching you while you are  photographing can have a effect on your photo’s. The first time I decided to have a go at street photography I spent the first hour afraid to put the camera to my eye. Then I held the camera in the open and walked up to my first shot put the camera up and click. It was in the bag, I smiled at the person, thanked them and moved on. The more I showed the camera the less people noticed it. We walk about in our own little worlds of thought and seldom notice what goes on around us. Since then I have no problem openly photographing people in public places. Though check the law in your own area of where and what you are allow to photograph. Once the cell door starts to open keep pushing it and never let it close.

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Seeds or Rocks

Set up the camera and was experimenting with my macro photography, has you do when the evenings close in.

Chia seeds set up

Chia seeds on the white paper with macro lens and extension tubes.

Chia seeds and tooth pick

After a few attempt’s here is one shoot with a tooth pick has a size reference .

Chia seeds

The final shot of the evening.

Thank you for viewing .

Don Quixote and the giants.

Mountlucas Wind Farm on the R400 in Co. Offaly Ireland.

Don quixote

Mountlucas Wind Farm
Mountlucas Wind Farm

From the car park it’s a two kilometre walk to the first of the metal giants along the wide stone covered walkway/cycle way. The sky over head the same colour has the earth I walk on. Stones press hard on the trainers I wear and my feet shoot boots. This being a wind farm it is earning it’s keep today, gusty winds rule out any flower or macro photography for me. One of the trials of traveling by motorcycle is the amount of equipment you can carry. Hearing laughter carry in the wind I knew I was not alone. Setting up to shoot some bulrush plants at the side of the walkway the first of the running children and dogs came around the corner followed by mums and baby buggies, lastly by a couple of men bring up the rear, sweeping those that adventured off into the thicket  to hide before them.

The head of the Bulrush Plant.
The head of the Bulrush Plant.
Some of the walkers met on the Mountlucas wind farm.
Some of the walkers met on the Mountlucas wind farm.


Then Don Quixote met his first metal giant.

It’s only has you get close to these metal giants does there size impact on the mind. The gentle SWOOSH the blade makes on its descent, cutting the air fabric before climbing to repeat it’s assault.

The metal giant.
The metal giant.

 Given the grey day and change in the air temperature I liked the idea of having a blue/grey theme to the walk. Having reached the two kilometre  and turning right it’s a four kilometre walk to the eastern gate car park.


 The wind played with the giants and made them sing, not an unpleasant song While grey clouds danced about the cutting blades and the giants synchronized their movements and song.

Synchronized dance and song off the wind giants.
Synchronized dance and song off the wind giants.
Like looking in a mirror at it's own reflection.
Like looking in a mirror at it’s own reflection.

Coming around the back of the walk the path stretches out into the distance,  watched over by the giant wind turbines. Like guards making sure you don’t stray from your route they watch you travel the long grey road. There are birds and insects aplenty, but off the path the ground is soft and the peat black, If planning to venture off the path make sure you dress appropriately and watch for wet soft ground. Give this place another couple of years and allow natural development it will be a great spot to engage in photography and bird watching. Walking and cycling in a safe environment for all ages.


Giants on guard, watching the path to the eastern car park.
Giants on guard, watching the path to the eastern car park.


OX eye daisy plant. Like a light in the grey earth.
OX eye daisy plant.
Like a light in the grey earth.

Near the end of my walk this ox eye daisy stood like a beacon to mark the way and brighten the eye as I leave the giants watching my exit .

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Swan’s Foot

Love the texture in this close up of a Mute Swan’s large webbed foot. Take at the Quoile River, Downpatrick.

Mute Swan foot

These Swans are used to human’s and will come right up to you.


click Photo to enlarge.

Marco Photography

Okay been trying my hand at Marco photography, been having some mixed results but I’m learning. Trying to sort lighting set ups and tried some home made flash modifiers, still some work to be done.

Fly1 (2)

Shot in daylight, hand held. Has you can see still need to practice to get sharp image. So make a attachment to move my flash fitted with a small soft box to soften the light.

up side down fly 1

This chopped shot was taken using my homemade flash setup. Have a few more things to try, so hopefully will get a few sharper photographs.

upside down fly

The original picture of the fly sitting under a leaf.

Will add a gallery as I add Photos.