My 365 shutter release Challenge


My 1962 Triumph Tiger Cub 200cc racing bike. retrieved from a shed


and after many hours work it rolled out, restored back to how it looked on it’s last race

many years ago.


Now what has this to do with Photography, well I locked my self into the shed to work night after night on restoring the little motorcycle. A little bit of history from my childhood days, Here in the North of Ireland motorcycle racing was on closed public roads. Complete with walls, trees and every other piece off roadside furniture, it was and still is a dangerous sport.

I was thinking about doing a 365 project, but wondered where I would get the time from. And then I thought back to the time I rebuilt the Cub. I had less time then and I got it done. So from the first of November 2015 I start my new project.

The plan is to publish the photograph’s twice a week, and have a write up about how it affects my day and my thoughts behind the picture’s taken. To look at it every couple of months and see what or if there is improvement in my photography.

Again the photographs will be linked to Flickr and viewed in Monthly albums. Now’s the time to see how I will work this project, weekly projects or monthly ones. Random weeks with themes running and other weeks where the subject matter is  wide open. Looking forward to the challenge and the out come of The 365 shutter release Challenge

Irish peat bogs or what ‘s left of them.


So parked  at this bridge over the Grand Canal out side the town of Daingean, Co. Offaly. With a short climb up onto the bridge by a steep bank. There you will find part of a rail system that transports the peat that’s removed across the bog.


The stripped Bogs of the Irish Midlands

Peat bogs take thousands of years to form,  Dozens of plants and animals, uniquely adapted to life in peat bogs, are found nowhere else and with the bogs disappearing fast so is this unique habitat. European and Irish law stopped people from cutting turf for there own use has a heat source. Something they have done for hundreds of years, Some still cut and dry the turf defying the law.  These bogs are stripped to supply the West Offaly Power Station while people are banned from cutting there own turf.


A peat bog that’s been striped and mounds off peat awaiting transport.

The ground is drained and leveled, while other parts have become wind farms with public footpaths where nature reclaims it for its self and wildlife.



The turf being cut up with tractor machinery. Note the twin wheels front and rear to help spread its weight on the soft ground.


And the rail track continues for miles/km’s

Its not just the top they remove, the peat could be a couple of metre’s deep. That is a large tonnage that is stripped from the earth and burned to supply power every year. When it’s all gone where do the government and the power industry turn to next. Will it be shale gas, if so I hope the pain we do to this plant does not become our pain in return.


Thank You for Looking




To Share your Lunch, with one’s best friend.
From nature’s table the view is free.
While wave’s lap at the table’s edge,
And seal’s they watch, from their place of rest.

The sun warm’s my seat of rock,
no man made sound to be heard.
But now you have gone, from nature’s land.
So my friend, let’s enjoy this bread I share.
Where your spirit and this island meet.

Taking this shot of the gull brought back some memories of a close friend

Who I spend many years exploring the hills and islands around Ireland.

Dedicated to John, long gone  but always here.

Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park


What a lovely afternoon for a walk, Only the colour change lets you know it’s an autumn day and not Spring. The low sun brings out the colour and texture of the park, Here are a few of the photographs from the  walk.


Step into the Japanese Garden and enjoy the texture’s and colours


The reflection in water


The little visitor’s you might meet


No I’m with him ahead of me


Problem’s for some, tar spot is a very conspicuous fungal leaf spot disease of sycamore and some other maples


Alder tree

Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park

Thank you for looking

Sun setting and ground mist rising,

Coming north through Co.Kildare, I passed through Carbury. Over looking the village  is Carbury Castle. Stopping at a spot I have looked at before I took a couple of photographs has the sun was starting to set and a ground mist rising.

lightroom moon 3.jpg

Was going to Photoshop the poles for the power lines out but then, like the field fencing they are part of the landscape.


Heading on up into Co.Meath passing through the town of Enfield. Taking the R159 to Trim I stopped and shot another couple of photos of The Church of Assumption. From where I was the ground mist was just starting to become visible over the fields.


Another taken from a few hundred metres up the road.


With a few hours driving to go and the evening closing in, I continued north.

Thank you for looking

Good days & bad days

Up 5.30 am and off to work, on the go all day and back an hour before the light fades. Grab a bite and see whats been happening on the site and Flickr. Then I note it’s been a couple of days since i last posted. Why does time seems to slip away like water down a drain, Can’t seem to get a chance to get the camera out, always something get in the way. Every day things that can’t get done from work, so another day slips behind the tired eyelids of living. When you read something like this you hear a little voice inside, I always find time. Well done  but we all live in our own worlds with our own thoughts and time limits. I come up with an idea in my head, a grand thought. Then plan to execute it with in a given time frame, just has the dog gets sick and the budgie decides to break it’s leg trying to ski jump off the chair arm. Stuff the budgie in my pocket and drag the dog out to the car. Off to the vets and while they are putting the budgie’s leg in plaster and sorting the dog out it then I see some great photograph’s shouting at me to take them. Where the camera now, in the house file mile up the road. Use my phone, battery dies just has the shutter gets pressed.

So what will I show and write about this evening, Would show you the budgie, but then we all have our own budgies. That’s why we read and look at things that interests us here. To forget about the mishaps and ponder over the stylish piece of writing or peel away the layers to see how and why that photo hits a spot within us. So when you have taken the best photograph and written the best piece so far this month/year, remember I to might get a day like that.

Good days

Then again look back at the good days you enjoyed in life.

Taken in Palace of Papa Luna, Illueca Spain. while on a three week motorcycle tour around Europe.

Have a good one, forget the bad ones and enjoy life.

Motorcycling Racing.

Mondello Park International Race Circuit

Adelaide Masters Series Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th October 2015


Had a good weekend at Mondello Race Circuit for the two day race meeting. Rounds 12 – 14 off the Adelaide masters Series,Two reason’s to be there, I enjoy anything to do with motorcycles and to support the young man above. His name is Mark McConville from Drogheda, Ireland. Leading the Production Twins on his Suzuki 650 he had a good chance to lift his first championship over the next three races left this weekend. Going into the the 12th race of the series on Saturday he had to finish ahead off his nearest rival on points. Alas it was not to be, finishing lower left it to today’s two races to clinch the title  ( Sunday) . Setting out in the first race off the day Mark started well, keeping ahead of his rival for the first few laps. Then falling a couple of places behind he started to get going leaving his rival slipping down the field. Crossing the line at the end of the six lap race he had won his first championship. Congratulations Mark from all those that turned out to support you. And you made your dad (Hi Dick) very proud of his son today.

A few more shots from Mondello in no order.

DSC_3468 DSC_3618 DSC_3552 DSC_3657

Thank you for looking.

Ah sunshine…..

Stopped off on the way home from work this afternoon at Drumbeg on the outskirts of Belfast. Took a walk down the tow-path on the River Lagan. Great to meet people of all ages and interests enjoying the fine weather.


Beautiful weather and a slow moving river.


Some autumn (or fall for our Americian friends) colour change creeping into the the trees and the stronger green of the evergreens standing out


A quick shot of a Small Tortoiseshell butterfly in the garden back home.

Thank you for looking