230/365 Shutter release challenge

A crock of gold.


They say here in Ireland that there’s a crock of gold at the rainbows end, but I feel we have our own crock of gold when I look over my back yard. with the sound of birds and the amount of wildlife to be seen. Then a rainbow frames it for me. Gold comes in many forms and we are blessed to have a crock full of it.

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Spittle Bug the Movie

I posted a photograph on my 365 challenge of a Spittle Bug/Froghopper. While photographing it I also recorded a short movie clip. I would like to point out that the top end of the bug in the clip is in fact the bottom end of the bug, not has some have said look at it’s mouth…..

Spittle Bug the Movie

I leave you with the above link. enjoy and all have a lovely weekend.

222/365 Shutter release challenge



I have one evening a week to post my 365 photos for the week. I also add them on Flickr and tonight I get them out of sequence. But never mind the world keeps turning. So to this photograph. I let some land around the house grow has nature intended it to. With wild flowers and different grasses, some of these grasses are now changing colour and I find when time is limited they make good subjects for close up photography. So in my studio ie: my front porch out of the wind it take only a few minutes to grab a shot.

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