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Only the blindness of habit convinces us that we continue to live in the same place, that we see the same landscape.

John O’Donohue: Divine Beauty: The invisible Embrace.

Name; George McNeill

Home: Ireland

Age: Fifty plus (keeps changing on a yearly basis)

Having traveled around Ireland by motorcycle I have got to meet and see some wonderful people and places. It was through motorcycling and going to motorcycle races that got me interested in photography. Then I started doing The Irish Photo Rally this took me to places you would never think off. So from this my interest grew into other area’s of photography. My aim now is to improve and share my images with a wider audience.

Perhaps it was reading and opening my mind to seeing life and places from a new prospective that made me photograph a wider range. From looking at a beautiful vista and knowing that it is made from millions of beautiful small images and seeing them come to life in my images.

10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Nice to meet you George! Some lovely images you have here and I will check out your stories link as well. I’m a storyteller too. Thanks so much for your follow! You may have seen on my blog that I go to Ireland whenever I can ( as well as Scotland). Those two places echo in my heart.

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