342/365 Shutter release challenge



Stopped today on my way home at a lough with around a dozen Mute swans in the field beside it. Some took to the water and this is the only one to strike this pose.

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341/365 Shutter release challenge

They’ll never notice me


Saw these Mallard’s out on the lough then on closer inspection I noted one was a white duck. It seems to have latched onto these male Mallards and where they went, it went.

Not a great photograph, I chopped into show the white duck but I loved the way it just tagged along.

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340/365 Shutter release challenge



Just a single tree standing against the clouded backdrop. Who does it whisper to.


With the summer clothes cast

I stand with limps out stretched

Against the painted morning sky

Around me a carpet glistens

like stars laying at my feet

Only whispers from my kin reach me now,

Where limps once touched

across the country wide.

When the winds played,

the rattle of our tongue could be heard.

Now alone I stand

limbs still reach but no touch to be had

No kin with in reach,

Oh to be touched in my last day’s

before decay.


338/365 Shutter release challenge

Nature reclaims.


Taken from the Newry A1 Bypass, I spotted this old house a few months ago but only got round to photographing it. I hope to come back to this in a few years time to see how much nature has reclaimed it.

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