271/365 Shutter release challenge

Harry Ferguson’s plane


Been wet and overcast here but then that,s why Ireland’s green. This piece of art is in memory of Harry Ferguson, the first man in Ireland and the UK to build and fly his own aircraft. His maiden flight was in 1909 not far from the site of this photograph.

Harry Ferguson

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259/365 Shutter release challenge



This satellite stood still in space it was me that was moving past. The fly on the flower head was black and yellow striped with the flowers a white shade. With no detail in the green background I liked the flower in space idea.

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257/365 Shutter release challenge

Thrush fledgling


A wet evening and spotted a couple of thrush fledglings sitting in a hawthorn hedge.got a shot of one before it moved deeper into the hedge.

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256/365 Shutter release challenge

Thunder storm


Took this photograph 10 minutes before posting here. Sitting reading when it darken over and the wind rose. The crack of thunder crawled closer and then the rain beat it’s rhythm on the roof. Looking out the window the lough danced to the sound and beat off wind and rain. The rain making the clouds bleed like colour on a wet watercolour painting. I love nature and the was it plays with things around us.

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I was listening to this while writing this, This man is magic.

The lonesome boatman

255/Shutter release challenge

Forgotten Stile


Came across this disused stile while out walking, I love these old stone stiles and still think they should be in use. I recall one in the area where I lived has a child, every time I walked past it I had to climb it.

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