213/365 Shutter release challenge



Sometimes when I don’t have a lot of time to grab my 365 photo I go for a short walk. I just could not get a shot and has I was crossing the gateway into the house this lone gull came gliding overhead. I grab this shot, not great but he had me wishing I had his view of the world.

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60/365 Shutter release challenge

Ring-Necked Pheasant:  Phasianus colchicus

Over the winter bird feeders are hung up and bird seed gets dropped on the ground from the smaller birds feeding. Over the last few days a Ring-necked Pheasant has been dropping into peck around the ground under them. So sitting having a coffee this morning I looked out and there he was. Yes this is the cock bird has the hen is a dull brown colour. So grabbing  the camera and putting the automobile/car  between myself and the Pheasant, I made it over the yard without spooking the bird. Leaning over the front of the vehicle I got a few shots off. Here’s is one off them.


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