245/365 Shutter release challenge

The rain swan.


Was passing a local lough and saw a couple of swans grazing in a field beside it. I pulled into a small car park beside them and was able to  take this shot through the open side window. I run it in HDR in Photoshop where it helped to bring out the rain.

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129/365 Shutter release challenge



 A twisted  old Hawthorn gets the digital art treatment for today’s photo. Could see a week dedicated to more images like this. Something to think about has a mini project with in the 365 challenge. See where it takes me.

Thank you for your time.

91/365 Shutter release challenge

Busy times


A quick play in HDR to produce a pencil like drawing off a monochrome image.

Since a 365 is about pushing and trying new things, like software as well has the type of images you take. I like to draw a little when I can, so I wanted a simple photo set up to experiment on. I got close to what I was trying to produce, which just means I will have to try and improve.

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90/365 shutter release challenge

Feather and Leather

A close up of a seagull feather I found while traveling pushed in the band on my hat. The old feather is a little beaten up but its been there for a few years.


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88/365 Shutter release challenge

How it was

Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and hold those old photograph’s, some faded like the memories of long ago.


Feel the energy of the image, pouring into our mind.

Close your eyes, let the past live for another while.

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