279/365 Shutter release challenge

Needle and thread.


This Needle and thread sculpture stands in the City of Lisburn in  Country Antrim Northern Ireland. The sculpture was the work of Martin Heron and the needle represents the linen industry which has a great history in the area. You can’t read it it in this photograph, the thread reads  “If you get lost just stop and ask for directions”.

Will have to get a shot of it. Thanks for viewing

256/365 Shutter release challenge

Thunder storm


Took this photograph 10 minutes before posting here. Sitting reading when it darken over and the wind rose. The crack of thunder crawled closer and then the rain beat it’s rhythm on the roof. Looking out the window the lough danced to the sound and beat off wind and rain. The rain making the clouds bleed like colour on a wet watercolour painting. I love nature and the was it plays with things around us.

Thank you

I was listening to this while writing this, This man is magic.

The lonesome boatman

254/365 Shutter release challenge

Ballynoe stone circle.


Was on my was out from the town of Downpatrick in County Down and I saw a sign for Ballynoe Stone Circle. Since the weather was fine and i was in no great hurry anywhere I headed out there. I took this photograph to take in the main circle and the burial mound. There are a few stones outside the circle which are not in this photo. The taller stones seen here are around 2 meter’s high and could date back 3000 years BC. I enjoyed the solitude of the place, it had a peaceful feeling around it.

Here’s a link with more details and photo’s with the grass cut, enjoy and thanks for viewing

248/365 Shutter release challenge

Big sky in County Monaghan


Walking the dog and the sun has just dropped behind the hill in the distance. The sky caught my eye, so leaving the dog to investigate whatever his nose was following. I set up and took this shot, doing very little processing this is day 248’s photograph.

I would like to thank you all for your likes and comments and with around 116 days still to go I am already planing my next project. There are days doing a 365 that push you to your limit, for me its time. There never seems to be that extra hour in the day but it also has taught me to think and find a photo quickly. I try to keep the processing to a minimum, and have found myself returning to B&W photography. I use to love shooting on B&W film many years ago, and my new projects will all be in monochrome.

Thank you for viewing

247/365 Shutter release challenge

St.John the Baptist graveyard.


Stopped off in Nobber village for a meal and discovered this old graveyard with graves dated back to 1690. A village that I will return to and look at its history more.

Thank you for visiting

242/365 Shutter release challenge

Dark side


Got the waders on and waded out into the lough reeds. Standing thigh deep in the reeds I took this shoot. The  silhouette  gives a feel of the mystery that lies under the dark waters.  The what if or whats in there.

Thank you for viewing