66/365 Shutter release challenge

Another late evening in work and left wondering what to photography for today’s challenge. With a cup of tea in hand and sitting thinking it hit me, well not to hard. My cup, there’s nothing like a wild cuppa tea to help a person relax. So meet my cup, Wild Thing.


Like people it’s not the cup that’s important but what’s within. Like a nice cup of tea, you can enjoy it for what it is. Same with people enjoy them for what they are, not what you wish them to be or how you label them. You can’t enjoy my tea, but you can enjoy what’s in my cup.

Thank you for viewing

Winged Joy

Some Photo’s  I took this morning while there was a brief sunny period, I love wildlife and when I have time I watch and photograph it.


Even half an hour in the garden can product a few shots. I find it very calming and relaxing to spend time around any animals. A couple of bird feeders and you have no end of photographic subjects, birds of all sizes and shape visit the garden.


I have found I can stand still and after a short time they ignore me, providing I don’t move suddenly. With seed falling to the ground and me scattering a little around, it’s also a chance for some ground shots.

So if you enjoy birds or other small animals, set up the right conditions and food and with a little time enjoy your own private viewing.


But it’s who is watching who. Thank you for viewing.