Black & White Wednesday

This weeks image was taken around five of years back when I was playing around with lighting and having no model at hand it was yours truly in front of the camera. So here is one of those images from that evening.

I was using a fixed light to my right and a reflector on my left side fixed to a spare tripod. It was shot on a Nikon D5300 camera with a Sigma 17- 70 mm lens at 55mm , ISO 100, f/5.3 and 1/100 second shutter speed.

I have been sorting through images stored on hard drives I used has backup . So expect to see a few more image from the archives in the future.

Take care my friends,


86/365 Shutter release challenge

Self Portrait:  Irish Cyclops

Today’s photo is a bit of fun playing around with camera angles and a speedlight. One of the rules was no tripod and a bare flash. I enjoy doing this sort of thing, never knowing where it ends.


An Irish Cyclops

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