95/365 Shutter release challenge

Time abstract.

Tick tock, the mark of time beats its sound and I knew it would be over a week till I get this post done. Being away where there is no phone or internet, no television or radio brings a new way of thinking. With the tick off the clock the only sound in the room at night you get to meet yourself from a fresh view. So when I took this photograph of the clock it sat there looking like a clock. Has a few days passed I knew it had to become an abstract piece, just has my life felt being in a new place. Even though things seem different they are the same, just like the photo. You can still see a clock.


Thank you for viewing.

88/365 Shutter release challenge

How it was

Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and hold those old photograph’s, some faded like the memories of long ago.


Feel the energy of the image, pouring into our mind.

Close your eyes, let the past live for another while.

Thank you for viewing.