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In parts of Ireland people believe that the spirits of the dead still live within the ruins of their homes.

Who am I to disagree with them. This shot taken through a gap in the trees with a telephoto lens and shows a small stone homestead with out houses built onto the main house. It possibly had a thatched roof when built and since this is hill country it would have been hard to live of the land here. Today it’s mostly sheep on the hills with some cattle on land that has been cleared and reseeded for better grazing.

The spiky looking plants in the foreground is soft Rush. these use to used for light at night in poorer house holds. Here is a link to there use:

Camera :Nikon D7200 . Lens : Sigma 150-600 telephoto.

Data: ISO 500, f9 @ 1/250 second. Focal length 240 mm.

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338/365 Shutter release challenge

Nature reclaims.


Taken from the Newry A1 Bypass, I spotted this old house a few months ago but only got round to photographing it. I hope to come back to this in a few years time to see how much nature has reclaimed it.

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115/365 Shutter release challenge

Trees at work


Loved the way the trees lean around the ruins. Looks like they are working on it.

Taken on the A1 road just passed  Banbridge Town, Co.Down, Northern Ireland

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77/365 Shutter release

Priory of St John the Baptist365src16.12.2016b

The Priory of St. John the Baptist taken from across the Boyne River at Newtown, Trim, County Meath.

The Priory of St. John the Baptist

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