340/365 Shutter release challenge



Just a single tree standing against the clouded backdrop. Who does it whisper to.


With the summer clothes cast

I stand with limps out stretched

Against the painted morning sky

Around me a carpet glistens

like stars laying at my feet

Only whispers from my kin reach me now,

Where limps once touched

across the country wide.

When the winds played,

the rattle of our tongue could be heard.

Now alone I stand

limbs still reach but no touch to be had

No kin with in reach,

Oh to be touched in my last day’s

before decay.


59/365 shutter release challenge

Water Logged

What a day here, with the low winter sun it looks beautiful outside. Until you step out and the gale force winds would chill you to the bone. So I went up through the Dromara Hills and on through the Mourne mountains. Stopped off at Spelga dam where the water level was high and with strong winds whipping white tops on the water. Hand holding and braced against a grass bank I got this shot.


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