Bective Abbey

Bective Abbey  in county Meath , Ireland.

Was passing close to the abbey on my way north, seeing it from a distance I decided to go look at the site. Finding a car park and path to the abbey right beside the site.. With heavy rain and strong gales it was not the ideal weather for being in the open. When using the tripod to get some photographs I had to hold it down, trying to get a shot in when the wind abated slightly. Even a man walking his dog told me I was mad. So the following are some photo’s from my windy day around the abbey ruins. Some were taken through window openings shot with flash, and others hand held when the was no room for the tripod. Hope you enjoy the photographs and feel free to comment.


The view from the car park side.

Other views from around the outside.

Some of the walk ways inside, just watch your head in places.

Take by holding the camera into opening in the walls and using longer exposures.


like these steps, never know where I end up.

Thank you for looking.

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