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Hit me with something, Not that hard.

Right just over a month into my 365 and some say I’m bloody mad for starting it. Some evenings after working all day and only a couple of spare hours left in the day, I think they might be right. One of the great things that happens is how quick you start to pick up on possible photo opportunities. Also I believe, a photograph has always came my way. Take for example the other day, with the light dropping fast here after 3.30pm. Driving home and I had thoughts about what to shoot, when passing a field I noticed four Alpaca’s standing there posing for me. Parked up and across a muddy lane and there they were. My models standing elegant with heads up asking to be photographed. With the last of the winter sun dropping like a stone down a well, I grabbed my shots.


Then other days you go to look at somewhere you think might offer something, like the evening I got down to a local lough for the setting sun. Was setting up when a young lady arrived with a black Labrador. I asked if I could take some photographs while Bernie (the Labrador) fetched sticks from the water. Some great photo’s were got that evening. Exchange emails and the next evening I mailed a few photo’s to her and her dad. So has well has meeting some lovely people on my challenge, I also am finding new ways of seeing. Trying new ideas and types of photography. So marks out of ten would give it a ten, its been a great experience this first month. Give it another month or so and then I might hit myself for starting a 365 challenge. But not to hard….

Thank you from reading.

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