71/365 Shutter release challenge

Thought about what should today’s Photo, some days its just the image that counts. Others I like to put a meaning behind it. It could be something said or an action by someone or thing. So by the time I got in tonight it was dark, I took a walk around the outside of my mothers house. Armed with a flashlight and camera I noted the little things she had gathered up over the years. Using flash I shot a few off these out door ornaments .


While looking through the photos, it showed the love and care a parent has when bring us up through our young live’s. In the Owl is the wisdom that we receive from them. The bird, the love and care we are given with nothing asked in return.  The gnome represents all the hard work and labour over the years in tending and supplying to our living and educational needs. The sleeping Mole, all the nights we slept while our parents watched over us through illness and injuries. Perhaps it’s just me getting older and seeing things that are not there. Tonight when I roll over to sleep, I will think of the little Mole. The times my parents missed there sleep, never to complain. So I would like to thank my parents for the love they gave.

Thank you for reading.

I’m lucky my folks are still around and I still have the chance to return their love and kindness.


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