HDR. Photograph’s

Was down in Trim in County Meath,  Ireland and spend a few hours walking around. Going over to the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul at Newtown. It was a cold and damp, not a great day for photography. So back in the warmth I played around in Photoshop and HDR toned a couple of photo’s. Now I don’t do much Photoshop for I really don’t know a lot about it. I did enjoy playing around with it while watching the turf burning bright in the fire and the fog drop outside. I have looked at other HDR photo’s with mixed feelings. Some seem to bring a photo to life and others an overkill. I enjoy all types of art work and like all image types. Street art to the classics I enjoy but HDR I’m still on the fence. Maybe when I paint or draw it takes personal input to get the same effect, while its just a case of letting the software alter the data in a photograph with HDR. It’s something I will play around with and see what effects can be had and then see if my thoughts on it change. I’m not judging those that like and us it, I will play around with it and see where I land.



Thank you for viewing.

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