85/365 Shutter release challenge

Orderly chaos

Sometimes when doing a 365 it’s can be hard to get good images every day. Sometimes its just a case of looking in  outhouses/sheds or whats around you in the house. So this evening while visiting my mother who still has a love to potter around taking flower cuttings and growing plants. I made my way into the little potting shed out back. With no lights in there and armed with a torch I went looking. The place is full of little things from the pass, jars full of little shells we collected has children. Pebbles and sea washed glass, some old toys from our childhood. Its an Aladdin’s cave of days on the beach and garden adventures.  Old clay pots painted with time and chipped pieces long return to the earth that they had  grown from. I cannot share the memories or adventures from those days. Just a still image from the film off them.


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