Irish Photo Rally 2016

For a number of years I and many others do the Irish Photo Rally. Motorcyclist from all over Ireland and further afield travel around Ireland photographing their motorcycles at the given locations. So with it being a lovely spring afternoon I thought I would make a start on this years rally. With the bike ready and camera loaded off I went to Ballydugan Mill. Ballydugan Mill

This is number 4 on the rally map but there is no order in which they have to be completed. So arriving early evening and the sun still shining this is my photo for this entry. photo rally link


So with my first photo in the bag I decided to travel a few more mile around the County Down coast. My next stop was at the lighthouse on Saint John’s Point. This was a photo rally point a few years ago.


The view across the sea to the Mourne Mountains is beautiful from the shore on the other side of the lighthouse. Back on the single track road and I stopped for another photo across the bay.


With the rays of sunshine breaking through the clouds and mountains has a backdrop had to get a shot here. There is a sandy beach a mile along the road that’s popular with families young and old. My next stop was the fishing port of Ardglass where a cup of coffee had my name on it. Sat in the evening sun and and watched the gulls put on a flying display over the harbour. No photos here, this village needs a day spent here for there is so much to see.  Coffee and it’s off I go again this time heading for the town of Strangford. Here the ferry runs across the lough to Portaferry on the Ards  peninsula. Strangford

With the last of the evening sun I stopped off at Kilclief Castle  Kilclief Castle


With the sun dropping and the temperature going the same way it way time to head home. With just over  a hours ride home its was dark and cold.  Time for a hot shower, a coffee and a look over my photographs before hitting the sack.(bed) It was a grand afternoon out, time to plan my next one.

Will be bring you a few more views from around Ireland over the next few months has my journey around the rally map continues.

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