172 Shutter release challenge

Were they family…..


So I headed out to an old graveyard that sits on a hill top. It dates back to the early 1800’s. I recall coming to it when I was a nipper ( young lad) about 11 years old. That was when you could cycle a few miles and find things to explore.Fight off the dead that where coming to get us and drag us under to the middle world. Look for signs that they walked at night, scare myself with my own imagination. I recall my grandfather telling me the worst thing you will ever meet is you own imagination. I my case he was right.

I recall seeing this head stone on a grave and asking my father about it. He didn’t know anything about it. So was in the area this afternoon and was driving to the Bow lough which is close by. the sun was setting has I climbed the hill, seems a little steeper that all those years ago. But good to see someone is looking after the old place. A walk around and it wasn’t hard to find what I came for.

I must look into the family history and see if I was related to those buried  here. The family buried here are dated from 1897 through to 1940 and most seem to have lived in excess of 80 years. Watching the sinking sun and the warming of the sky it was nice to sit in the silence with just the song birds  playing natures music and remembering summer days from long ago.

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