184/365 Shutter release challenge



Was thinking about an old friend who died many years back. It was when shooting the Tullylish old church tower. He loved to look round old grave yards and ruins. So a thought crossed my mind, most people have lose someone they love and will come across a reminder of them. I took this down to three things, a favorite spot, a chair or somewhere they enjoyed relaxing and something personal. I know there are more but I wanted to keep it simple. The above is my take on it. The personal bit the hat, beside water the place and the chair where they enjoyed relaxing.

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3 thoughts on “184/365 Shutter release challenge

  1. Thank you for the comments. I found doing the 365 challenge means I don’t have a lot of time to get a photo and edit it. So I try to keep things has simple has I can. The complete process gets half to three quarters of an hour each evening.


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