Youth Moto X.

Not far from where I live there is a Moto X track, today the Temple Motorcycle Club where running a youth meeting. It’s the first time I have been to a off road race in twenty years. I use to race in my teens but I think a couple of sun’s have burnt themselves out since then. We have had great weather this week and today it continued, so with the camera gear packed I walked over to the meeting. I can’t tell you who are in the photos has I did not have an event program. So here’s a few photos from today.



Love the expression on the young racers face standing beside the flag marshal.


Plenty of big air time off the jumps and in case you don’t notice I’ll point out the dust.


Getting artistic here, I focus on the post and then turn off the auto-focus on the lens.

You get a nice out of focus action shot.MX-3979.jpgMX-3991.jpg


Number 56 provided some great action.


A close up of a young teenager.







Had to do a B&W one.


Did I tell you about the dust. The racing was called off with 5 or 6 races still to be run due to the dust and wind. Visibility around the track got so bad it became unsafe for the riders to continue. So I’ll leave you with my final shots.



Thank you for visiting and feel free to comment, likes or dislikes.


9 thoughts on “Youth Moto X.

  1. Pity about the dust but at least you got some photos. Do they run it annually? I particularly like the B&W shot and the one with riders no. 28 and 113.


    1. Not sure if its run annually but would guest it is. I got a load of photos but the dust restricted where I could go, had to stay upwind of it.
      It was hard to get group shots after a couple of laps has the riders string out and you can only view a small section of the track at a time.
      Dust is an unusual problem in Ireland 😁

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    2. They run races on different circuit’s over the year. There’s another round on this course soon but I’m off on a short trip then. I love B&W and I’m planning more this year. Planning to get to a few more moto.x races has well,the action’s great.


      1. I can still see the dust, the mud, his boots and his excitement to see me ride with him..we had a blast and never to be forgotten, we both love faster the better, he still soars that way!

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