Feed the young.

Was sitting in the garden at my mum’s house I spotted this Blue tit flying to the back of an old shed. I took the camera and set myself on a low dry stone  wall and watched. It was supplying   food for it’s family nesting under the roof.

For those interested in more information on the Blue Tit:  Here

Blue tit-4411.jpg

Blue tit-4424.jpg

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In July this blog and The Eye of Seoirse will be stopping when payment for the domain name is due, I won’t be renewing. I now feel it is not worth the work and effort in relation to the views or feed back they now receive.

I would like to thank all that have followed and commented over the years. To the small group that have supported me, you know who you are. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart goes out to you.

There will be other posts up until July. My Photography can still be seen on Instagram, user name below.

@ vision_of_seoirse

Flicker link: George McNeill Photography

Say hello georgemcneill58 at g mail dot com.


7 thoughts on “Feed the young.

    1. Tom thanks for caring, this blog has been going for around 6 years or so. Its time to move on, its not about money at 4 pence a week. I will still be following you and enjoying you writing and photos Tom. I always believe has one door closes another opens. My email address is there feel free to say hello Tom. I’m on the move again so hopefully will be living in another area in a month or so, when settled in i have new ideas.
      Take care Tom and thank you.


  1. Sorry to hear about the news George. I love the photos and the stories you wrote about them especially your bike journeys. Best wishes, Tini.


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