Early morning walk.

Willow Warbler

Since I’m still at home and not back to work, my mornings start with a 6 mile walk around the woods and hills near home. The following are some photographs from these walks. Most are taken on a Nikon D7200 with a Sigma 150-600 mm lens.Some off the wildlife I’ve seen but not photographed include Foxes, Badgers, Stoats. Birds still to get Red Kite, Jay’s, owls, and the Cuckoo which will be migrating back to Central Africa in a few weeks time.

Red Deer

The wood contains a small herd of Red Deer which if your lucky you might come across them. I have been lucky a few times to see them, below are a few images. No stags to be seen, all Doe’s.

I was lucky to get within 120 metre’s of this group. Putting a small rock outcrop between me and them had me laying on wet ground looking slightly down on them. Even with a few looking my direction at times, they were settled and grazing on the young tree growth. Got a few images and backed off the way I came in and left them to there breakfast.

The rest of the walk that morning didn’t turn up much until near the finish where I saw the first butterfly this year.

Speckled wood butterfly
Speckled wood butterfly

The second image shows the colouring and texture for the butterfly in close up. I still use a telephoto lens for photographing butterflies, less chance of spooking them and the results can be good.

Hopefully I’ii have a few more images to share soon and until then you all stay safe.

Thank you for visiting.


4 thoughts on “Early morning walk.

  1. Marvelous!! and good for you!! the wood butterfly is amazing and of course the deer. I get them on top of the
    grassy rock that is behind our place. They rest there and can keep an eye out. They also eat my roses! 🙂


  2. Early morning walks have kept me sane through the covid 19 lockdown restrictions. I write this reply here in the woods. A wren sings beside me and a bird from Central Africa, the Cuckoo calls in the distance. Its damp and breezy but the spirit sings. Take care my friend. ☘️

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