8 thoughts on “52 week Black & White.

  1. Beautiful cat and wonderful photo of Gypsy, although Harper is questioning the company you keep.🐾🐾😁 Over the years I’ve used a variety of editing software apps and my favorite lately is Snapseed.


    1. Thank you, I use Snapseed when i want to do a quick edit. I download straight from the camera to the phone, edit and post in a few minutes. Harper never fear cats would never replace my love for dogs. 🐕

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  2. Hi George! Good to see you sharing. Gypsy is gorgeous. We too have a cat named Gypsy, all black. Love the fluff and the effects too. I don’t know if I’ve ever used Snapseed I need to check it out.


    1. Hi Janet, I don’t own Gypsy. She was left behind when her owners left the area. Another woman use to feed her but she to had to move. So I took over feeding duties and named her Gypsy due to the fact she has a number of homes she visits. But she loves to curl up on the sofa in the evening before heading out into the night.

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      1. Gypsy is the second one, an old cat has been living in my back yard for a couple of years now. Its very nervous and doesn’t like indoors, but at least i can pet it now without losing any blood. So it must be getting used to me, i look forward to the day it comes in and curls up indoors to relax.

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      2. Yes save your blood 😳. Our gypsy took awhile to warm up. Maybe the first one will start to be more curious now seeing the other one go in and out.


      3. Don’t think that going to happen, they can’t look at each other without a bout of hissing and squaring off. But Grumpy is older, bigger and its her patch. The young contender still knows she no match yet. 😂😂

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