Prison of the mind.


Was reading when the the sun was setting and I saw my shadow on the wall. It brought back something I was talking about the other day. How we become prisoners of fear within our own minds. How we sometimes restrict ourselves in the process of picture taking. The fear of showing or displaying them, fear of what others think. The fear of asking permission when you would like to photograph someone or to enter somewhere. Even people watching you while you are  photographing can have a effect on your photo’s. The first time I decided to have a go at street photography I spent the first hour afraid to put the camera to my eye. Then I held the camera in the open and walked up to my first shot put the camera up and click. It was in the bag, I smiled at the person, thanked them and moved on. The more I showed the camera the less people noticed it. We walk about in our own little worlds of thought and seldom notice what goes on around us. Since then I have no problem openly photographing people in public places. Though check the law in your own area of where and what you are allow to photograph. Once the cell door starts to open keep pushing it and never let it close.

Have fun and thank you for reading.

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