My 365 shutter release Challenge


My 1962 Triumph Tiger Cub 200cc racing bike. retrieved from a shed


and after many hours work it rolled out, restored back to how it looked on it’s last race

many years ago.


Now what has this to do with Photography, well I locked my self into the shed to work night after night on restoring the little motorcycle. A little bit of history from my childhood days, Here in the North of Ireland motorcycle racing was on closed public roads. Complete with walls, trees and every other piece off roadside furniture, it was and still is a dangerous sport.

I was thinking about doing a 365 project, but wondered where I would get the time from. And then I thought back to the time I rebuilt the Cub. I had less time then and I got it done. So from the first of November 2015 I start my new project.

The plan is to publish the photograph’s twice a week, and have a write up about how it affects my day and my thoughts behind the picture’s taken. To look at it every couple of months and see what or if there is improvement in my photography.

Again the photographs will be linked to Flickr and viewed in Monthly albums. Now’s the time to see how I will work this project, weekly projects or monthly ones. Random weeks with themes running and other weeks where the subject matter is  wide open. Looking forward to the challenge and the out come of The 365 shutter release Challenge

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