Black & White Wednesday

DREAMING, this weeks photo was taken back in 2012, while walking around the shop I spotted this Victory Highball 106 cubic inch motorcycle. After a few tried it for size I thought I’d give it a fitting. Well it felt fine, I could hear ‘ Freedom of the road, The Drifter’ playing in my head and the wind blowing in my hair. Well it use to, honest..

The Drifter. ( Sherri T Hill )

Needless to say I’m still dreaming.

I still ride motorcycles, have done for 44 years but never had a custom style bike, I’m not finished yet…

Thank you for stopping by and stay safe.


5 thoughts on “Black & White Wednesday

  1. That motorcycle is as fantastic as that fabulous song that I’ve never heard!! A custom bike might be a great present for yourself to celebrate when the pandemic is finally under control. I’ve been watching several motorcycle travel shows this year and there were a few great YouTube motorcycle videos for the song.

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  2. Just to pack the bike and travel, meet old friends across a few different countries is what i want to do after this is over.
    My favourite song is Free bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd.
    Itchy boots on youtube is good. She use to travel around tbe would in vans, done her motorbike test around five years ago and started travelling by motorcycle. She’s from Holland and was in South America when covid 19 broke. Great personality. Look her up

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