52 week : Black and White

Ths weeks image is off the Hooded Crow. It was taken at the County Down coast here in Northern Ireland. It is a black and grey coloured bird so not a hard b&w conversion.

Hooded crow.

A little info on the editing.

This wwas taken on a Nikon D7200 and a Sigma 150-600mm lens. Using the camera WiFi and the Nikon app on my mobile phone, I downloaded the image has a Raw file. Using Snapseed Raw I processed the image. Uploaded it to WordPress, and now you view it. The whole process took around 10 minutes.

Take care,


3 thoughts on “52 week : Black and White

  1. Beautiful shot and editing! I have a similar camera and lens, but have been using a smaller lens that’s easier to carry. After another day of wishing I had the other lens with me, I was wondering if you have a special strap for your camera to make it easier to use and carry the 150-600mm lens. I found a few online, but I’m not sure if they would work.


    1. The only straps I every used on my cameras are wrist straps, so I can’t drop the camera.
      If i know where im going to shoot ill carry it in a backpack till i get there or see something ahead.
      Coastal shooting seldom involves long walks so I’m happy to carry it.
      There are a number of harness systems that help with carrying a heavy camera and lens when walking. These have a quick release so the camera is always ready to use.
      Hope this helps for its always when the lens you need is the one at home.
      Hope Harper didn’t suffer a hangover from St. Patrick’s day. ☘️

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      1. Harper would have preferred more Irish music and Guinness and less basketball!🐾😁 I just ordered a sling design strap and after missing some great eagle photos today, I hope I have the right settings and lens the next time I see him.😁

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