52 week Black and White.

Week 4

This weeks image is from Drumkeeragh Forest. It was taken on my Sony mobile and edited in Snapseed. The image shows Sleive Croob through the trees with the evening sun dropping behind the trees.

Sleive Croob

Part of doing this 52 week Black and White is to capture the moment with what camera you have. When walking I don’t alway carry my camera, I always have my mobile/cell phone. So maybe the image quality isn’t the greatest be its fun to take, edit and post here or social media in a few minutes. So have fun, experiment and enjoy travelling light sometimes.

George ☘️

2 thoughts on “52 week Black and White.

  1. This is a part of Ireland I never pictured and always enjoy your beautiful photos of the forest areas! I think I’ve been using my iPhone more often this last year on my walks because little Harper tends to develop an attitude if I take too long on a shot.🐾🙂


    1. It’s only this last couple of years I’ve started using my phone. If the photos are for any type of social media i think the quality is fine. To me a walk is for walking and taking a camera is photography. Look forward to seeing those iPhone shots and a happier Harper 🐶

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