Good days & bad days

Up 5.30 am and off to work, on the go all day and back an hour before the light fades. Grab a bite and see whats been happening on the site and Flickr. Then I note it’s been a couple of days since i last posted. Why does time seems to slip away like water down a drain, Can’t seem to get a chance to get the camera out, always something get in the way. Every day things that can’t get done from work, so another day slips behind the tired eyelids of living. When you read something like this you hear a little voice inside, I always find time. Well done  but we all live in our own worlds with our own thoughts and time limits. I come up with an idea in my head, a grand thought. Then plan to execute it with in a given time frame, just has the dog gets sick and the budgie decides to break it’s leg trying to ski jump off the chair arm. Stuff the budgie in my pocket and drag the dog out to the car. Off to the vets and while they are putting the budgie’s leg in plaster and sorting the dog out it then I see some great photograph’s shouting at me to take them. Where the camera now, in the house file mile up the road. Use my phone, battery dies just has the shutter gets pressed.

So what will I show and write about this evening, Would show you the budgie, but then we all have our own budgies. That’s why we read and look at things that interests us here. To forget about the mishaps and ponder over the stylish piece of writing or peel away the layers to see how and why that photo hits a spot within us. So when you have taken the best photograph and written the best piece so far this month/year, remember I to might get a day like that.

Good days

Then again look back at the good days you enjoyed in life.

Taken in Palace of Papa Luna, Illueca Spain. while on a three week motorcycle tour around Europe.

Have a good one, forget the bad ones and enjoy life.

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