Sun setting and ground mist rising,

Coming north through Co.Kildare, I passed through Carbury. Over looking the village  is Carbury Castle. Stopping at a spot I have looked at before I took a couple of photographs has the sun was starting to set and a ground mist rising.

lightroom moon 3.jpg

Was going to Photoshop the poles for the power lines out but then, like the field fencing they are part of the landscape.


Heading on up into Co.Meath passing through the town of Enfield. Taking the R159 to Trim I stopped and shot another couple of photos of The Church of Assumption. From where I was the ground mist was just starting to become visible over the fields.


Another taken from a few hundred metres up the road.


With a few hours driving to go and the evening closing in, I continued north.

Thank you for looking